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I’m on a personal mission to locate my kin, dead or alive—Whatever it takes, wherever it leads, I keep digging until I surface with those hidden golden genealogical gems. I get a thrill from busting through brick walls and mining mysteries. I live for this. Well that and documenting my sources, and keeping meticulous notes, and filing all of my discoveries. This is my thrilling exciting life of a professional genealogist--assembling clues in the never ending quest to discover the deeper profound meaning of our family relationships across the generations.

Carved in Stone

From the first moment I laid eyes on Jacob and Mary Snader’s tombstones at Pipe Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery in Carroll County, Maryland I have been intrigued by their stoic beauty. I was filled with curiosity about the … Continue reading

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Land of the Free

On the Fourth of July I often ponder my ancestors who supported the cause of American Independence in a variety of ways: the sacrifices, the choices, the consequences, the benefits, the costs. I have many direct ancestors with proven acts … Continue reading

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Being Connected in a Big World

Being connected is a part of my genetic make-up, part of my heritage and I hope a part of my legacy. Connecting and relating is like breathing. And although I expect to discover connections as I go about my life, … Continue reading

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Pilgrimage to Prospect

I spent my day on a pilgrimage—researching my Cronise and Fundenburg ancestors. The journey began with a visit to the Frederick County Historical Society in Frederick, Maryland. And I hit the jackpot! I spent over $60 on photocopies of letters … Continue reading

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My hometown is Savage, Maryland and except for the four years I spent in Turner Hall at Shepherd College, I have lived in Howard County my entire life. My mother still lives in the same house where I was raised. … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace

My great-plus uncles William H. V. Cronise, age 25 and Albert D. W. Cronise, age 23 left their family behind in Monrovia, Frederick County, Maryland and set out for a California adventure by way of the Isthmus of Panama in … Continue reading

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Airing our Clean Laundry in Public

I confess to being a fanatic about hanging out my wet clean laundry out on the clothes line to dry. Going green by saving electricity is not my primary goal although saving some change is an added bonus. Believe it … Continue reading

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Picture tells the story

I’m stretching myself technologically with this blog thing. Curiosity got the better of this cat and I’m forcing myself to jump in after thinking about it for way too long. This is a test, an experiment of sorts. Testing the … Continue reading

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